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          About us

          We are Dalian WSS Arts Co.,Ltd  (Global Nailway International trade Co.,Ltd)

               A professional nail products supplier in China. We specialize in a wide and various range of healthy, natural and creative nail products which are under the name of our own brand--NAILWAY. We have many years experience in producing and selling our nail products.
              Superior quality, reasonable prices and prompt delivery are what our team aims to accomplish on a regular basis. After years of development, our products are currently being sold in Asia, Europe, America, Canada, Australia as well as in Africa. Our products are certificated by SGS, and they are greatly respected and widely trusted by their purchasers. We believe that HERE you definitely can find your favourite goods easily and conveniently.
              To provide our customers the best service possible, we are constantly in pursuit of excellence and perfection. We sincerely welcome you to join our NAILWAY and establish a long-term business cooperation with you.
          So don’t hesitate, just contact us!